about us

Although we are not artists, creativity has a high priority for us…!

Drawing on the many years of experience and continuing education and training we design and create an individual craft-based impression.

As painters and decorators we have been in business for 20 years.
Some time ago we expanded our team to include a qualified master in room interiors. This adds another 30 years of professional experience in room interiors and design, such as floor finishes, sun screening devices, upholstery, carcass building and textile decorations.

After training and qualifying as certified building energy consultants, our company offers a qualified building energy efficiency audit. We can advise you as tradesmen and in a consulting capacity to assess and explain the possibilities and benefits of such improvements as roof insulation and wall insulation.

We are committed to an ecological and commercially viable approach in our work. It has been said that buildings are our second skin and wrong decisions in this respect can directly affect our health and well-being. A good example for this is the formation of mould in living quarters. To avoid any related problems, we apply state-of-the-art details and products and make sure that our manufacturers and suppliers are the best in the field. For example: for air-tightness products and to avoid cold-bridges we work together with the Swiss company SIGA (, where we attend regular training events for application technology and therefore keep abreast of developments in this field.

This cooperation benefits not only you as our satisfied customer, but also our apprentices: they enter a professional sphere in which continuous learning can be understood as a process of individualisation and where they learn to express creativity in their work.

We are happy to provide a cost estimate, without obligation, for our services; please turn to the back of this page and in the List of Services tick the required item and send us this letter, including your contact details. We will then contact you to make an appointment at the premises.

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